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Welcome to our Wireless Laptops site. Here you'll find the best online shops in the UK from which to buy wireless laptops.

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For excellent value, we recommenc Dell Laptops. See also Home Networking Advice from Dell

Cheap Laptops for Students 2010 Review

Cheap laptops from Insight

Student Laptop Up to £400 - Lenovo G550 £390.09 from Insight UK - Visit Store
Why we like it:
Fast processor, Intel Pentium T4200
4GB of RAM, enough for your apps to run fast
64-Bit Windows Vista Home Premium
Lenovo above average quality

Cheap laptops from Insight

Student Laptop Up to £500 - Samsung R530 £493.49 from Insight UK - Visit Store
Why we like it:
Fast Processor, Intel Core i3 at 2.13 GHz
3GB or RAM is enough to run multiple applications quickly
Samsung laptops usually have nice displays, this one has a 15.6" TFT
Above average build quality and reliability from Samsung

Cheap Sony laptops from Insight

Student Laptop Up to £600 - Sony Vaio E Series VPC-EB2M0E/WI £580.44 from Insight UK - Visit Store
Why we like it:
Fast processor, Intel Core i3 at 2.26GHz
4GB of RAM will mean the laptop runs quickly and smoothly
64-bit Windows Home Premium OS
Wireless and Bluetooth

How to Choose a Wireless Laptop

If you're thinking of buying a wireless laptop, let us share a few words of advice. We last updated this article in Sep 2010, but hopefully the principles will remain valid even if processor names, speeds etc have moved on ...

First of all we'd say that build quality is pretty important. When choosing a computer, too many people make the mistake of going with whichever manufacturer offers the fastest processor, most memory, biggest hard drive etc for the money. However, going for the most bang for your buck is not recommended. When it comes to wireless laptops, buying from a manufacturer that has a reputation for build quality and customer support can save you from heartache. Sure, it might mean paying slightly more to get the specification you want, but there's no point buying a laptop with a really fast processor and a great spec if it's just going to die on you within three months. For build quality we feel Samsung laptops are above average. We also like Dell laptops which we feel are above average for reliability and offer excellent value for money.

It's also worth finding out how good their customer service is. Ask in online forums to see if having their warranty is worth it. Hopefully your wireless laptop will be problem free, but sometimes if you're unlucky they have to go back to the manufacturer and you want to know that they'll get the job done efficiently if this is the case.

What Specification Does My Wireless Laptop Need?

When it comes to specification of your wireless laptop, the first thing you need to think about is which processor to go for. Any computer system is built around the processor, and it is the primary determinant of how fast your computer will run. First of all, look at the requirements of the Operating System you want to run. It's easy to find the minimum recommended system requirements of popular Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista by visiting the software vendors website. Just keep in mind that these are minimum requirements, and to get a computer that is speedy enough to keep up with you, you will probably want to go over the minimum specs, particularly when it comes to computer memory (RAM) where laptop manufacturers will often skimp as this is an upgrade that can be made later. To run Windows 7 or Vista, we recommend at least 2GB of RAM. If you want your laptop to be fast and responsive, then get 3 or 4GB.

The next question to ask is what will you be using the wireless laptop for? Intended use can have a major bearing on how good a spec you need. For instance, if all you are going to do on the laptop is surf the internet and send the odd e-mail, then you can probably get away with something close to the minimum system requirements recommended by the Operating System manufacturer. If however, you are a power user, and like to run multiple applications at the same time, then you are likely to need to increase the memory on the system, and perhaps go for a slightly better processor. Then there are certain processor heavy applications, in particular, things like playing the latest computer games, using the computer to make music, or editing video. If any of these are your intended uses then it might justify buying a top specification processor. For graphics intensive applications like the latest computer games, you'll need to upgrade the graphics card too, as a good gaming experience depends on the graphics card being able to display highly detailed graphics at high Frames Per Second rates.

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How Much Memory Should a Wireless Laptop Have?

Look at the minimum system requirements for the Operating System, but if you like to run multiple applications at the same time, or do memory-intensive work such as editing digital photos, then you'll want a decent amount of memory (perhaps at least double the minimum requirement). We recommend a minimum of 2GB for running Windows 7 and Vista, 3 or 4GB if you want your computer to be fast and responsive.

What Wireless Networking Functionality Do I Need?

These days, most laptops come with wireless networking as standard. Most laptops offer 802.11b/g support, and this will be adequate for most people. If you need faster speeds, there is the Wireless N standard.

What Screen Size Should I Go For on my Wireless Laptop?

Again, this depends on intended usage. If you are going to be travelling with your laptop, and in particular using it on a train, then you are probably not going to want to go over 15.4" widescreen, otherwise the laptop size can just become too unwiedly. If you are just going to use the laptop for checking your e-mail and surfing the internet on the go, then you could go for the ultra-portable 12" screen. If however your laptop is largely going to stay on your desk at home, then a 17" widescreen will give you extra screen space which is always useful, particularly if you are a graphic designer using Photoshop or similar.

When choosing a screen size, note that it's usually simple to connect one additional monitor to your laptop via a VGA port, and furthermore there are now products on the market that allow you to run multiple monitor setups from your laptop. A leader in this field is Matrox. This means that you can go for the convenience of a small laptop screen whilst on the go, and hook up a multiple monitor set up of large LCD monitors when at home.

What Else Should I Look for in a Wireless Laptop?

Bluetooth - Really useful for connecting up peripherals like Skype headsets or for syncing up with your mobile phone.

Firewire Port - Not all laptops have these, but you'll want one if you want to transfer digital video onto your laptop from your camcorder, as Firewire is the most popular means of doing so.

Good speakers - Can make a difference to your laptop experience, especially if you like watching DVDs or listening to music. Some laptops have speakers from top component manufacturers such as Harmon Kardon, so look for a good brand if this is important to you.

HDMI Output - Allows you to use your wireless laptop as the DVD player for your HDTV.

S-Video Out - To show the laptop display on a TV with a S-Video input.

DVI Out - For making a digital connection to an LCD monitor.

VGA Out - To connect your laptop to a TV with a VGA In or to an external computer monitor.

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